Welcome Gaillard Patron!

There are so many different ways to explore Charleston, we hope the path you choose leads you to our store. A trip to Charleston is not complete without a stop into Gold Creations in the City Market. We have a piece of Charleston for everyone!






A carriage tour is an excellent way to see the downtown area and get to know some history about Charleston. Our 14k Yellow Gold 3-D Carriage Charm is hand made in the South and has functioning wheels that spin. Even has a person driving the carriage! This whimsical creation is the perfect reminder of that carriage ride you took around town.





Whether you are walking along the Battery or visiting the numerous beaches of Charleston, you will almost always hear the soft rustling of Palmetto Trees around you. Our classic Double Palmetto Tree Charm is 2-D with textured palm fronds and a bit of detail along the trunk to give a beachy feel. The back is not "finished" on this charm, thus making it 2-D. This piece is made of 14k Yellow Gold and certainly beckons the summery days spent at the beach!






Everyone loves a day at the beach and our coastline features some of the best beaches in the South. Our Large Textured Sand Dollar Charm in 14k Yellow Gold is so perfect you could almost pick it up off the sand! This large sand dollar is 2-D and has an open back.








If you have ever been to White Point Garden at the Battery downtown, you have surely seen the large gazebo sitting beneath the oak trees. Our 14k Yellow Gold Gazebo Charm is a hand created piece by one of our founders, Glenn Wolfe. Wolfe carved the mold for this miniature gazebo charm in likeness from the actual gazebo at the end of Meeting Street in Charleston!





Have you ever seen or even climbed on the cannons at White Point Garden along the Battery? This fantastic diminutive Cannon Charm is 14k Yellow Gold and is hand made locally in Charleston. The wheels spin on this charm and it is a unique historical piece to add to your collection.







Around Charleston you see the Pineapple as a symbol of welcome and hospitality. This piece is hand made in Hawaii of 14k Yellow Gold. Pineapples represent a feeling that is omnipresent in the Lowcountry. When you visit for work, vacation, or even planning your wedding in Charleston, you are welcome!





Charleston boasts countless species of blossoming trees, but none so majestic as the Magnolia. Our handmade Magnolia Charm is 14k Yellow Gold and looks every bit as beautiful as a real blossom. The cuplike petals gracefully surround around a beautifully crafted stamen in the center. The life like qualities of this charm make it an excellent addition to your Charleston collection.